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Traditional Saltmaking The Atlantic Route

Many characteristics are shared by the traditional salt working sites of France, Spain, Portugal and the UK integrated in the ‘Traditional Saltmaking the Atlantic Route’ of the ECOSAL ATLANTIS project. These include a vibrant common identity together with significant biological, economic and cultural potential in which the role of salt goes beyond a mere commodity and becomes a way of life.

Plan your route through these cultural landscapes of great beauty where the different traditional practices designed by salt workers to exploit water have resulted in unique places where flats, lagoons, channels and walls combine with the pure white of salt.

The rhythms of nature and human activity have resulted in this heritage which is now open to visitors with a view to enhancing the value of traditional salt production systems and halting their decline. Each one is unique, discover them!

Bournemouth University Salines de Guérande Le Daviaud Marais Salants de Líle de Ré Port des Salines Valle Salado de Añana Marinha de Santiago da Fonte Ecosmuseu Marinha da Troncalhada Jardins de Sal da Figueira da Foz Salinas de Rio Maior Salinas de Andalucia Image Map


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