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Main objectives

Produce guidelines for cultural and heritage management of the salt working sites based on a heritage database containing natural and cultural heritage data. Good cultural and heritage management and enhancement of natural areas needs good knowledge of the potential of those territories therefore the data obtained should be easy to use and disseminate.

Responsible partner: Ecomusée du Marais Salant 


Collection, inventory and processing of geographical data

To make an inventory, collecting and processing geographical data from the salt production areas to include in one database.

Responsible partner: Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique

Cultural heritage inventory

Development of an inventory and analysis of the material and immaterial culture associated with the traditional practice of salt production.

Responsible partner: Câmara Municipal de Aveiro e Communauté de communes Océan-Marais de Monts.

Web portal Ecosal

Design of a common database that contains information and maps of the heritage. The site will be restricted for external users who will have to request access to it.

Responsible partner: Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique

Heritage and Museum management

Establish guidelines for heritage management of the saltworking areas (natural and cultural) which support the Route in two ways: internally – as a tool for the partners work; externally – information/dissemination actively involving the public with the sites.

Responsible partner: Câmara Municipal de Aveiro

Presentation of the results to the general public

Publication of articles in specialty press.

Responsible partner: Ecomusée du Marais Salant

  1. To provide knowledge of the evolution of the site.
  2. To work with the database created to find patterns of site use and determine guidelines for heritage protection.
  3. To go beyond a simple inventory, creating joint actions for the development of the territories and encourage international exchanges.
  4. To apply the management guidelines of the salt working areas in order to develop the Route itself.