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Salinas de Anaña (Alava)

Name: Valle Salado


The city of Anan (42 ° 47'59 .76''N, 2 ° 59'07 .95''O) is located in the western region of Álava, in the centre of a valley, 29 kilometres away from Vitoria-Gasteiz.


The Valle Salado de Añana is situated on an ancient sea that dried up more than 200 million years ago. The salt that was deposited at the bottom of the sea came to the surface due to a geological phenomenon called the diapiric process. Thanks to this geological phenomenon, the salt water (or brine) arises in a natural and constant manner, into salt pans, and as it becomes exposed to the sun and wind on the evaporation platforms, changes into salt.

Salt exploitation that we can now observe is the result of a complex construction process that was developed over hundreds of years, and that gave rise, in this valley, to 5000 threshing floors, 767 terraces, 2040 walls, 848 wells and 248 almaneces (buildings for the storage of salt). All this distributed on an area of 111 thousand square meters. The salt water comes from four sources, from which spring about three litres per second, with a salinity exceeding 200 grams per litre.

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Telephone: (+34) 945 35 14 13

Localization: Miguel Díaz Tuesta
                     Plaza, 1
01426 Salinas de Añana
Álava (España)