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Sustainable Territorial Development

Main objectives

Evaluate, enhance and promote the traditional Atlantic areas by connecting participants through joint transversal actions.

Responsible partner: Diputación Foral de Álava



Analysis of tourism potential

design of a battery of intrinsic and extrinsic parameters to assess the tourist potential of each salt working area.

Responsible partner: Asociación Cultural de Amigos de las Salinas de Interior.

Route development 

Setting up the Route Committee who will be responsible for managing the Route, entry of new participants, compliance with requirements .

Responsible partner: Diputación Foral de Álava


Good production practice for tourism

Development of a joint training program with a pilot experiment of a practical nature in Aveiro open to all partners who wish to participate. Possibility that the other partners "imitate" the pilot experiment in their salt working areas.

Responsible partner: Câmara Municipal de Aveiro

Technical workshops on heritage management

Exchange of experiences between the technicians responsible for heritage protection in the salt working areas.

Responsible partner: Câmara Municipal de Aveiro


  • Food, health, nutrition and food chemistry - one day workshop with experts, including dinner and simultaneous interpretation.
  • Special demands of the public with disabilities - one day with simultaneous interpretation provided.
  • Clays – Health and wellbeing - one day in Portuguese with no interpretation provided.

Responsible partner: Universidade de Aveiro

Meeting visitor needs through interpretation

Classification and preservation of salt works buildings and other aspects related to salt production.

Improvement of accessibility, creation of paths throughout the salt working sites etc

Responsible partner: Each partner


Good interpretation practices

Meeting of the salt works tour guides to share experiences and discuss a practical model for guided tours. (1.5 days in Vitoria). Summary document of the meeting (ES).

Responsible partner: Diputación Foral de Álava

Presentation of results

Press conference (the overall results will be presented in Vitoria, and each country will present their own results in their respective countries).

Responsible partner: Diputación Foral de Álava



  1. Development of the territories through joint transversal actions.
  2. Connection between all participants from the different territories.
  3. Parameters for the evaluation of the tourism potential of a salt work.
  4. Implementation of an Atlantic (traditional) salt work Route.
  5. Joint training for the salt workers based on good production practices for tourism.
  6. Exchange of experiences between the technical staff in heritage management.
  7. Achieve a good participation in and dissemination of the workshops on the world of salt.
  8. Recognition of salt-working heritage
  9. Agreement on the guided tour model in traditional salt works, after the meeting of salt work guides.
  10. Publicising the results of the activity (press conference)