Marinha do Corredor da Cobra

The Corredor da Cobra salt works is owned by the Municipality of Figueira da Foz, and has been considered an ecomuseum since 2000, the year that this municipal authority acquired it in order to transform it into a pilot centre and experimental unit of the Projecto Comunitário ALAS – All About Salt. Since then it has come a long way. This project represents, above all, an excellent example of an attempt to preserve and develop the salt works and their natural and cultural heritage, always keeping in mind the need to enhance the economic and social interests of the municipality. The implementation of this project represents the threshold of a new opportunity for artisanal salt production, in which there were many parallel activities and interests that created the need to seek new means and the funding of new projects. It was in this context that Projecto SAL do Atlântico emerged.

The Corredor da Cobra salt works has contributed greatly to supporting this concept, paying particular attention to an integrated strategy that paved the way to maintaining salt production as an activity. Since the acquisition of the Municipal salt works, in 2000, the necessary structures were installed for the success of this initiative, which represents a good example in trying to preserve and sustainably develop a natural and cultural heritage that belongs to everyone and should be maintained, never forgetting the economic and social value related with it and without which it would not have such a vast importance.

The salt works of the Corredor da Cobra has a total area of 29 acres, and has, at this moment, about 84 pans in production and is also working on the nursery and marsh, maintained during the fallow period (winter).

Work performed by salt workers:

  • repair of marachões (dykes)
  • repair of wood walks
  • collection of silt deposited in the ponds
  • cleaning of sludge
  • sacking of salt for sale (20kg bags)
  • cleaning and maintenance of the salt warehouse
  • maintenance and surveillance of the "Rota das Salinas'
  • assistance to visiting groups / tourists
  • labour related with salt harvest (June to September)

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